When Should Dead Trees Be Removed?

Dead trees are unsightly and don’t look appealing on the grounds of a commercial property. Are you wondering if your dead tree needs to be cut down? It’s not an easy job to do, so it’s important to seek advice before deciding.

There are many things to consider before removing a dead tree. So, should dead trees be removed? Take a look at everything you need to know.

Is Your Tree Dead?

The first thing to do is find out if your tree is dead. Some trees will shed their leaves in late spring, leading onlookers to believe the tree is dead. Other trees may be slowly declining and inevitably die eventually.

Some trees could be brought back to full bloom with a little TLC. It can be difficult to know if the tree is truly dead without it being examined by a professional tree company. Always get an opinion from an expert before deciding to cut a tree down, especially when the tree is near a commercial building.

Why Should Dead Trees Be Removed?

Dead trees can become a danger if left standing. They are far more unstable than living trees which means they could fall at any time. Additionally, the branches could break off.

If you’re used to seeing bad seasonal weather, a dead tree can easily come down during a typical storm. It’s also worth checking your insurance policies when you have a dead tree on your property because some won’t pay out if a dead tree creates damage and you knew it was dead.

Anyone or anything passing a falling dead tree is in a lot of danger, so it’s best to have the tree removed. However, don’t rush to get the job done without proper consultation and planning.

Is DIY Tree Cutting Safe?

The first question that many people ask when they have a dead tree on their property is if they can cut it down themselves. Many people want to avoid the hassle and expense of hiring a professional, but tree cutting is complicated. It’s far more than getting your hands on a chainsaw and cutting down the tree.

Cutting down a dead tree takes organization and precision to ensure everyone’s safety. It’s vital to get tree care right when cutting down a tree because if the tree were to fall the wrong way, it can be deadly. Similarly, cutting down a dead tree is different to that from cutting down a living tree.

Some of the things a professional tree removal service will consider are the overall size of the tree, the way the branches are positioned for climbing and rigging, the stability of the tree, and how long the tree has been dead.

How Did The Tree Die?

How the tree dies will impact how it should be removed and how dangerous it should be considered. For example, if a tree died of old age relatively recently, it may still be stable enough to be cut down safely. However, if the tree died of disease, it may be brittle and unpredictable.

Similarly, if the tree has died from insect damage, it will also be dangerous because it’s brittle. Dead trees are likely to have internal damage that can cause natural strength to wane. It may require specialist equipment rather than rigging equipment to the exterior of a weak tree.

Avoid Dead Ash Trees

Dead ash trees are particularly dangerous. They corrode from the inside quickly after death, which makes them one of the most unpredictable trees to cut down. Many tree removal companies refuse to move dead ash trees because they don’t have the specialist equipment for the job.

Do not attempt to move a dead ash tree by yourself. It can take several attempts to do it safely. This is a DIY job you should avoid at all costs.

Commercial Tree Services in San Antonio

Do you need tree services in San Antonio? Action Tree Service has been serving communities in the San Antonio area for over 65 years. We offer everything from tree trimming and stump removal to fertilizing and storm damage clean-up and more.

If you’re looking to get a tree removed from your property, we can help. Our professional arborist will give you a quote that covers everything from the removal of the tree to stump grinding costs. We take the hassle out of the job and leave your property looking like there was never a tree there.

Trying to remove a tree yourself is dangerous, but with the help of our team, you can have total peace of mind. Rest assured that the job is left in professional hands, and you’re paying the best prices for the best result.

Should Dead Trees Be Removed?

So, should dead trees be removed? If your tree is really dead, it’s important to remove it sooner rather than later. The longer it stays erect, the bigger danger it becomes to everyone. This is especially true for commercial properties.

It’s important to be cautious when you have customers or clients visiting your property, and there’s a dead tree present. However, you should never attempt to remove a tree by yourself, even if you’ve done it before. Leave it to the professionals.

If you feel like your tree needs to be removed as a matter of urgency, we offer emergency tree service at Action Tree Service. Just get in touch with us to discuss your situation or ask for a free quote.

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