The Value of Professional Emergency Tree Removal Service

If you own a commercial business with green space, chances are you will have to deal with a large tree on your property at some point.

Maintaining and removing trees can be a dangerous art. Tree care causes roughly 23,000 chainsaw injuries and 80 fatalities across America each year. So those who are removing trees need to have the proper training and equipment.

An emergency tree service offers professional help with maintenance, removal and relocation.. They make the tree removal process stress-free and affordable.

This article will discuss the several benefits of hiring an emergency tree service.

The Benefits of Hiring an Emergency Tree Service

While it may seem easier to deal with an inconvenient tree on your own, the tree removal process requires expertise. There are many benefits to hiring an emergency tree service. It’s not only more convenient, but it is more affordable.

Emergency tree services don’t just remove trees. They also help maintain trees, relocate trees, and remove unwanted stumps. They will monitor the growth of trees and get rid of pests.

Here are some of the benefits to hiring an emergency tree service for your commercial property.

Avoid Injury and Accidents

As a commercial property owner, you are liable for the incidents that occur on your property. By hiring an emergency tree service, you will engage in risk mitigation.

If a tree is dying, dead or has hanging branches, it’s time to deal with the situation. When ignored, falling trees and branches can cause serious harm to customers and employees on your property.

Unhealthy trees can also cause structural damage. No one wants to deal with property damage from trees.

By hiring a professional service, you can trust that the tree will be removed using strict safety protocols. Tree removal companies offer experience and knowledge.

Specialized Equipment

Tree maintenance and removal requires specialized equipment. Tree removal equipment is hard to find. It is also expensive.

Even if you are just hiring an emergency tree service to help you prune a fallen branch, it will likely require special equipment.

Emergency tree services employ workers who have experience operating this complicated equipment as well.

Maintain Healthy Trees

You can also call emergency tree services to help you maintain healthy trees on your property. If you notice a tree is infested with insects, an emergency tree service will help you eliminate the pests.

If you notice disease spreading, emergency tree services will also help with that. Depending on the types of trees, it is important to eliminate disease as soon as possible. Disease can spread quickly to other trees on the property if left unchecked.

Manage Root Growth Control

If you notice the roots of your trees are overgrown and spreading to other areas of your property, it is time call an emergency tree service.

Roots often spread through the ground, causing unwanted damage to other areas of the property. If left unnoticed, roots have the ability to damage your buildings foundation. They can also cause pipes to rupture, creating the potential for flooding and damage to your business.

One of the most common issues roots create is damage to pavement. Roots cause cracks in the ground. Overtime, these cracks can even become hazardous to those walking over them.

Emergency tree services will help control the growth of roots, ensuring these issues are avoided.

Removing Stumps

Emergency tree services will also help you remove stumps from trees from fallen trees. Trees often fall during extreme weather. Often these incidents leave property owners with a remaining tree stump.

Commercial properties may find tree stumps are eyesores for clients visiting the property. But tree stumps also serve as a breeding ground for pests and fungi. In addition to that, they are often tripping hazards or obstacles that get in the way during landscaping.

If a tree has fallen, an emergency tree service will help you remove unwanted stumps, creating a clean space.

Relocating Trees

Tree services will also help relocate trees.

There are a few reasons to relocate a tree. Perhaps you’ve decided to expand your facility and the tree is in the way of your blueprint. Or, a tree has become overgrown and is now posing as a risk to your building.

Often these trees are healthy and beautiful, but need to be moved. An emergency tree service will help with that process as well.


At first glance, tree removal costs may seem high. But hiring an experienced emergency tree service will save you money in the long run.

By removing hazardous trees or tree branches, your business will save on liability. You will avoid damage to your property, your neighbors’ property or personal property like vehicles at your location. More importantly, you will ensure that no one endures a serious injury on your commercial property as a result of the tree.

Eliminating hazardous trees also eliminates the risk of damage to walkways, sewers, and rooftops. Damage to these locations can be expensive.

And while it may seem more affordable to remove a tree yourself, you will need to buy the supplies to do so. You are likely to spend a lot of money on items you may never use again. When you hire an emergency tree service, you avoid overspending on equipment and supplies.

Create a Clean Look

When you remove dead, overgrown and diseased trees from your commercial property, you are likely to increase the value of your location.

Hiring an emergency tree service to help you tackle unwanted trees and branches will help you create a nicer curb appeal.

Hire Professionals for Tree Care and Removal

Mature trees often add value to a property, but if the trees are dying, dead, or diseased, they can create large expenses. If you believe a tree on your property is creating a hazard, it is time to call an emergency tree service.

An emergency tree service offers the right skills, equipment and experience to safely remove unwanted trees and branches from your property. A small cost to hire them might save you thousands in expenses.

If you are dealing with an emergency tree situation, we can help. Text us a photo of the tree in question today for a quote, and let us put your mind at ease.

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