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21+ inches in diameter and between 31+ feet tall
Full trim
Lifting only
9-20 inches in diameter and between 20-30 feet tall
Full trim
Lifting only
Up to 8 inches in diameter and up to 20 feet tall
Full trim
Lifting only
Large Stump (18 inches and up)
Medium Stump (12 to 18 inches)
Small Stump (Less than 12 inches)
Back yard
Breakables nearby
Over a one-story house
Over a two-story house
Over pool

More than 3 trees require an in person quote.

Actionjunk Smalltreedefinition 1000X700
Actionjunk Mediumtreedefinition 1000X700
Actionjunk Largetreedefintion 1000X700


Measure the tree’s diameter 4 ½ feet above the ground.

Trim out all dead branches and limbs. Lift tree and clean-out 50% of other small dead branches, limbs, and suckers.

Lift and remove big dead branches and limbs only. Lifting a tree includes removing all branches at the base of the canopy, leaving all branches set at a horizontal to vertical level.

100% Full trim out, remove ALL deadwood & suckers, remove 85% – 90% of ball moss.

A tree sucker is small sprouts or stems that grow up around the tree’s base.

Ball moss is a small ball-shaped plant commonly found clinging to limbs of live oaks and other trees in southwest Texas. Ball moss is not moss, but a true plant with flowers and seeds.