Factors That Affect The Cost of Trimming Oak Trees

If you have oak trees on your property, you already know that they are some of the most expensive trees to care for. For example, it costs from $850 to $1,300 to trim an oak tree.

The price range for trimming oak trees is so wide because of the many factors that go into a tree trimming quote. The more time and effort it takes to get to a tree’s branches and trim them, the higher the ultimate cost will be.

Is it time to get your oak trees trimmed? If so, you are probably wondering how much to budget for tree trimming services. Keep reading this guide to learn about the factors that go into an estimate.

The Height of the Oak Tree

Texas is home to many different types of oak trees. The three most common species in the Lone Star State are live oaks, burr oaks, and post oaks.

Live oaks and burr oaks are some of the taller oak species. They can grow up to 80 feet tall. Meanwhile, most pin oaks reach up to 75 feet at full maturity.

To get to the highest branches of an oak tree, tree trimming companies need specialized equipment. They pass the cost of that equipment onto customers like you.

It also takes more skill to trim taller trees. That’s why oak tree care professionals can demand a higher rate.

Another reason oak tree height is a major factor in the cost of trimming is due to safety. Trimming tall trees comes with significant risk, which increases the price.

The Oak Tree’s Health

A healthy tree is easier and cheaper to trim than one that is dying or infected. The latter may require more tree maintenance than an oak that just needs a quick pruning.

Signs that your oak tree may have a pest infestation or is dying from disease include:

  • Dying leaves or branches
  • Spotted leaves
  • Discolored leaves
  • A thinning canopy
  • Wet patches on the bark
  • A white coating on the bark
  • Shelf mushrooms

Oak trees are prone to diseases like oak wilt, anthracnose, root rot, canker disease, bacterial leaf scorch, and leaf blister. Some species may develop specific diseases, too. For example, blight is a common disease in bur oaks.

Some insects can also infest oak trees, leading to decay. Emerald ash borers, spider mites, and bagworms commonly prey on Texas oak trees.

Where the Oak Tree Is Located

Oak trees located next to power lines, roofs, and other structures cost more to trim. That’s because the tree trimming service provider must take extra caution to avoid causing damage.

It will also cost more to trim trees located deep in your property. The tree trimming company may have to use specialized transportation vehicles to reach the location and haul away the cut branches and foliage.

The Age of the Oak Tree

Oak trees are slow-growing trees. It can take more than 20 years for an oak to mature fully. Then, many species can live for hundreds, if not thousands of, years before they begin to die.

At full maturity, the average oak reaches its full height. Its trunk will measure about 12 inches in diameter. Younger trees are much shorter and have smaller trunks.

It’s much easier to trim a young sapling oak or oak that has not reached maturity than it is to trim a full-grown tree. That also means it will cost less.

The other reason younger trees cost less to trim is due to the foliage size. Young trees have fewer branches with less foliage. Meanwhile, older trees have much more complicated limb structures that are more difficult to trim.

When the Oak Tree Needs Trimming

It is much easier for tree trimmers to access branches when they aren’t laden with foliage. That is why it is typically less expensive to have your oaks trimmed during the late fall and winter months.

At the same time, fall and winter are the busiest seasons for tree trimming companies in San Antonio. Demand drives up the cost of these services. So, you may have to pay a premium.

What Months Are Best to Trim Oak Trees in San Antonio?

The best time to trim an oak tree in San Antonio is any month outside of April to July. From April to July, oak trees go through a growth phase. This is also the time when Texas oaks are most susceptible to wilt.

Getting your trees trimmed during these months can cause the infection to spread to other branches and even other oak trees nearby. To avoid this problem, get your oaks trimmed in the months from August to March.

All cuts need to be sealed immediately after trimming which will prevent the spread of Oak Wilt

If you absolutely must get your oaks trimmed during the spring or summer, you need to work with an experienced tree trimming professional. Action Tree Service has the expertise needed to trim your trees without causing damage.

How Often an Oak Tree Needs Trimming

The more often you need your trees trimmed, the higher the cost. Many Texas homeowners wonder: how often should you trim your oak trees? The answer is that it depends on the tree’s age and health.

Healthy, mature trees only need trimming every three to seven years. Healthy, young trees can benefit from more frequent trimming and pruning.

An unhealthy tree needs attention as soon as possible. Cutting away dead and diseased branches can reduce the risk of infections and infestations spreading.

Thinking About Trimming Oak Trees on Your Property? Get a Free Estimate

Trimming oak trees is a difficult and sometimes dangerous job because of how tall they are. Professionals who perform this service may charge more for older trees, diseased trees, and trees located next to roofs and power lines.

Do you need tree trimming services in San Antonio? Action Tree Service is the residential tree trimming expert you’ve been searching for. Contact us today with the details and the services you need for a free quote!

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